Probate & Estate Administration

A loved one’s death can present challenges to family members, friends, and others. Obstacles can range from acquiring debts from the deceased to simplifying a client’s estate. Frank Leffingwell & Associates, PC can help navigate these situations during a difficult time.

We regularly assist executors in navigating the probate process and distributing assets to the beneficiaries listed in the will.  Along with extensive experience in probate administrations, our firm has curated a variety of other services regarding probate and estate administration including:

  • Administration of trusts
  • Administration of testate and intestate estates
  • Distribution of assets
  • Post-death tax and business planning
  • Tax-elections such as QTIP elections, Internal Revenue Code Section 754 elections and others

Representative Engagements:

  • Negotiated and completed the termination by agreement of several trusts on behalf of a client, resulting in significant simplification of the client’s estate, increased tax efficiencies, and ease of administration, including cost savings of $10,000-$20,000 annually.
  • Negotiated with and secured payment of annuity funds on behalf of a surviving spouse after an insurance company refused to make further payment on the deceased husband’s annuity account.
  • Successfully represented a beneficiary of a trust in obtaining court approval for the appointment of the beneficiary as the trustee of the beneficiary’s trust after the only named trustee resigned.
  • Successfully represented a surviving spouse in obtaining a court-ordered family allowance and homestead rights, resulting in preservation of nearly all of the deceased husband’s estate for the benefit of the surviving spouse when the deceased husband’s debts were in excess of three times the value of the total estate property.
  • Successfully represented a surviving spouse in a probate estate and negotiated a favorable settlement when the deceased husband’s children from a prior marriage contested the surviving spouse’s right to receive property from the deceased husband.